Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Chinese Want To Kill Your Best Friend

Okay, now that I have your attention with my Fox News style xenophobic sensationalist headline, there is actually some pretty important information that you need to know about. It involves your best friend. No, not your MySpace top 8 friends. Think closer to home.

For male readers, your universally accepted best friend is your dog. Female readers, cats--obviously, but maybe also dogs. And vice versa, by which I mean some guys like cats (hey, it's 2013 - anything goes). "Why does China want to kill my dog?" you ask. Well, I don't think they want to, but it is happening.

Many people have reported that their pet has become ill after eating jerky treats that were made in China. In some cases, their pet has died. Seriously. So far, there is no hard evidence indicating which treats exactly are causing the problem. The only known factors are that it involves multiple jerky-style treats and that the treats were made in China.

Please, if you give your cat or dog jerky treats be careful. Monitor their behavior after feeding them the treats and get to the vet if something seems wrong. If, in fact, your pet does get sick, please save the packaging of the treat and report it to the FDA. Here is the webpage detailing how to report information to the FDA.

Pets are family members and it would be tragic to lose a pet because of a bad stick of chicken jerky. Please be careful and stay safe. For more informative articles about this subject, do a Google News search for jerky treats. (or a microsoft bing search).

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