Thursday, May 14, 2015

What's The Summer Jam of 2015?

Put away your cold weather blankets, mittens, and hot chocolate and pull out your warm weather blankets, sunnies, and Bud Light Lime Lemonad-a-Ritas because we are on the cusp of Summer2015. And we want to know what you'll be blasting poolside on your BlueTooth enabled wireless portable speaker. That's so much bass from such a small package!

Speaking of bass: In that past we've been All About That Bass; we've said "F*rget" You while driving around town; we've allegorically shot up the school in our Pumped Up Kicks; we were Fancy; we've Partied in the USA; we were Happy, oh god were we happy...and so many more!

Sometimes it's just a feel-good upbeat song that you can't get enough of and sometimes it's a repetitive pop-song earworm that Clear Channel is using to sodomize our ears and brains. Keep BigMedia out of my radio, Obama!

Last year Calvin Harris had the hit single "Summer," which you think would have been a huge summer song, but I don't think it reached its full potential. This author expects to hear more "Summer" in Summer2015™.

And now that American Idol, in its (fortunately) penultimate season, has crowned Maroon 5's Adam Levine's doppelganger Nick Fradiani as the winner, you can bet we'll be hearing him sing-shout his tepid song with uninspired lyrics on constant repeat. You guys, (I'm looking at you, teenagers (no, not like that, Chris Hansen)) life is short, we should YOLO at all times and be the best we can be at ourselves!

Obviously Taylor Swift is going to keep going strong. The official music video for her song "Bad Blood" is due to drop this weekend. omg i'm so excited i literally can't even!

Maybe it will be Skrillex and Diplo ft. Justin Bieber's "Where Are U Now?" (probably not).

Perhaps it hasn't even been released yet. Or it is a sleeper hit. A dark horse. (but not Katy Perry's Dark Horse, again) 

Web log listicles and Billboard aside, I wanna know: What's your summer jam for Summer2015™?

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