Thursday, July 23, 2015

Inception At The Dog Park

Today has been a beautiful day. And as my community pool has found itself--once again--contaminated or otherwise unfit for leisure according to whatever association regulates such things; uh, yes, as such...I reasoned that it might be a fine opportunity to take the dog to the park designed for dogs. The Dog Park. Capital proposition, I say, old chap!

It's a pretty great park. There are small hills, trees, felled trees, plenty to see and do. Although I am always frustrated at the other owners there. Irresponsible. Not picking up (poop) and letting their giant dog with giant dog balls rape all of the other dogs and laughing it off like "ahaha so hilarious! Yes, Bubba loves to rape other dogs! Boys will be boys, amiright? If you don't like it, it's probably your fault for having a rapeable dog." But I guess there are a lot of areas in life where people don't exercise decent behavior.

So the point of all this: we're at the park and my dog is sniffing around and trying to get petted by other humans and is hanging around this one guy on his cellular phone. And I'm staying close to make sure she doesn't get into any trouble. And I can hear this guy's one side of the conversation as he speaks into his cellular phone.

Description: Older guy (60's? probably) outdoorsman themed t-shirt tucked into jean shorts. Beer belly. Aviator sunglasses. Ball cap. Didn't think to look at phone (probably a flip phone, possibly a Nokia brick). Couldn't see feet (probably crew length socks under sandals). Dog is a boxer that looks like it has a shortened spine.

The first part of the conversation I hear is about some type of glasses or goggles. "Mine look kind of like the old military goggles." And then talking about what kind not to get because you have to be on your back and if you roll over you're done. And then something about 6 hours of sleep on this thing feeling like 9 hours.

Ah, okay. He's talking about sleep apnea and the devices one can use to sleep better. Right? Maybe. But not quite. Because after a long pause of listening he says "just remember that everyone and everything in your dream is really just you."

Now, that could just be an old man talking to an old friend who has trouble sleeping and as a result has crazy and vivid dreams. Or. These guys could be Inceptioning. You know, like in the movie Inception. Where people share dreams and go down into dream layers to plant seeds of ideas in people they want to affect. The more I think about it, the more sure I am that these guys are dream controllers.

So wait, am I in this guy's dream right now? Is this even real? Maybe I will wake up refreshed with no memory of the last decade but with the undeniable urge to create the world's greatest lifestyle blog: PoundExclaim #!

Everything in your dream is really just you. Not even just dreams. Everything. Perception is reality. All we know is what we perceive. Matrix. Life is a computer program written by aliens. Ancient civilization. Orb of time. Destiny. Inception.

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