Thursday, January 07, 2016

Suffering Affluenza

Remember the Affluenza teen? So there was this kid, Ethan Couch, that stole beer from walmart, popped some Valium and went drunk driving on a restricted license in his dad's Ford pick-up truck. And then, speeding 70 in a 40, wrecked his vehicle into a group of people, thereby killing 4 and injuring 9. He was basically let off the hook for intoxicated vehicular manslaughter because the judge deemed that he didn't know any better. Nobody told him it was bad to do that.

Thus was born the disease Affluenza. When a person is wealthy to the degree that the normal rules of society seem alien they risk contracting the disease. Which is pretty ridiculous because I would wager that most teens in the 1% know not to get plastered and kill people with their car.

So this kid gets probation instead of prison. Maybe a smack on the wrist. But the thing is that he violated his probation and fled with his mother to Mexico. Now he is a fugitive felon. Couch and his mother were apprehended at the end of 2015.

All of that to say this: His mom looks like a ragged Carrot Top and he looks like a ragged McLovin. I saw their picture in the news and it's the first thing I thought and just wanted to say so out loud to someone. That's it.

Check it:

Here's looking forward to the tear-jerking made-for-tv Hallmark Original Movie.

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