Thursday, November 07, 2013

The War On Trans Fats

Hopefully you've already weened yourself off of junk foods. Be prepared because life is going to start sucking more in your future. Or not, it's too early to tell. The government ( [sing-songy voice with shrugging motion and ironic smirk] "that Obama") wants to reclassify partially hydrogenated oils as no longer "generally safe for consumption."

These partially hydrogenated oils are what make your favorite foods possible. Sweet rolls don't go rancid in two days, cookies don't leave oily rings on your napkin, crackers have amazing texture, french fries. You see, these special oils are a transitional fat which we now know are bad for our bodies. Trans fats are out.

Trivia: did you know that a "serving" of a "food item" can have up to 0.5g of trans fat and still advertise zero trans fats on the packaging? It's true. Think about that the next time you finish a sleeve of Oreo's.

So what is a partially hydrogenated oil anyways? It becomes apparent if you look at the root word of the phrase: "partially," or "art." Just kidding. It's oils with hydrogen added, basically. The hydrogen, depending on the amount, changes the oil from a liquid to a solid. And that is great for fake food. And terrible for your health. You'll have to ask a scientist why.

But we are all beginning to agree that this particular type of fat is not generally safe for consumption. Therefore, it should be outlawed. Instead, food makers will have to switch to slightly more expensive and slightly less unhealthy oils like palm oil. Still bad for you.

Will certain foods disappear? Maybe. Go onto reddit and try to find a food scientist AMA. I can't be bothered to know or research stuff like this.

You might live a longer, healthier life. But what good is that kind of life without Oreo's and Doritos?

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