Sunday, November 03, 2013

Why Save Daylight?

wikipedia. blue does dls. orange is no dls. red is no clocks.

Although I don't really remember or want to make the effort to check, I'm pretty sure that I author a rant about this subject every time that it comes to hand. Daylight Savings. Why do we still do this?

As I sit here feeling extra refreshed from my faux extra hour of sleep, knowing I'll have a difficult time getting to sleep tonight, wondering why why why do we still do this? It's all semantic.

The good things about the practice of adjusting clocks. In the fall, you get to stay out at the bars for an extra hour (college) and then also sleep in an extra hour (everybody). In the spring, you get to pretend to be "out of it" and not very focused on your work for at least a couple days. Maybe all week.

The bad: it's darker for longer when you wake up. And dark when you leave work. If you don't work near a window, you probably won't see the sun again until March. It jacks up your sleep schedule. You have to figure out your vcr clock again or just ignore it for half a year. And the cows. Boy, they're all sorts of confused.

Let's stop fighting nature. Let's accept that light and dark hours change based on how God commands the sun. We are but animals, so let us live that way. Clocks are so arbitrary anyways. I don't accept your time theories. Sign my petition to end time-tracking.

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